Offline AI Search for documents

Unleash the power of AI to instantly search across PDFs, Microsoft Office, iWork, Open Office documents, and plain text files. Find anything you need in thousands of documents in seconds, all while keeping your data private. It even works offline – your documents never leave your computer.


iPhone, iPad and Mac

Be it at your desk, in a meeting, riding an elevator, sitting in a cafe, on a call, or traveling, this tool ensures you have immediate access to information, whether using a desktop computer or a mobile device.


Artificial Intelligence

The tool employs the most sophisticated algorithm for document searching, combining the speed of a computer with the intelligence akin to that of a human.

Detect every pages

Our ultra-fast indexing database swiftly locates any pages containing your keywords, covering all linguistic variations.

Run AI Algorithm

It identifies the most relevant pages by analyzing factors such as proximity of keywords, font size and weight, linguistic characteristics and similarities, as well as the overall structure of the page.

Instantaneously Displays the Most Relevant Pages

It instantly presents the most relevant pages, saving you the time of having to open documents individually.


Text Recognition - OCR

PDF Search comes with an integrated OCR feature, enabling it to recognize and index text within images in documents. This feature allows you to search for text in various image types, including screenshots, photographs, handwritten notes, and more.


Natural Language Processing
to make Linguistic Search

PDF Search indexes documents considering their unique language attributes. Utilizing Apple's Natural Language framework, it identifies words, plurals, and lemmas. This means that when you search, it considers the semantic meanings of the words, ensuring a more context-aware search experience.

What will NLP do for me?.

Imagine you're searching for the phrase work with mouse across multiple documents. Thanks to its Natural Language Processing capabilities, PDF Search will also identify pages that contain the phrase work with mice, recognizing the plural form of 'mouse'.


Generate a new, summarized PDF from your search results

After searching through thousands of documents, you've identified relevant pages in many of them. Need to share these findings with your colleagues? There's no need to distribute entire documents spanning hundreds of pages just to share a few pertinent ones. With PDF Search, you can export the most relevant pages from your search results into a new PDF document. This way, you can easily share a concise summary report in a single document with your colleagues.


Not only for PDF

PDF Search extends its capabilities beyond PDFs, supporting office documents like Word, PowerPoint, Pages, Keynote, and RTF, as well as text files (TXT, TEXT, ME) and source codes (C, Java, Objective-C, Swift, XML, Python). You can search and view these formats just as quickly as PDFs, and there's no need for native applications to be installed to do so.

These documents must first be converted to PDF in order to be indexed. For this, you can use our auxiliary application, 'PDF Converter'. 'PDF Converter' works integrated with the 'PDF Search' application and converts non-PDF documents to PDF before indexing.

Download PDF Converter


Sync from Mac to iPhone or iPad

With both the macOS and iOS versions of PDF Search, you can seamlessly sync your documents from your Mac to your iPhone or iPad using WiFi or a Lightning Cable. This feature is particularly useful when dealing with thousands of documents. The entire index database and files are copied over, eliminating the need to re-index these documents on your iOS device. Everything will be ready for immediate search as soon as the sync is complete.

Key Points

What makes it different?

PDF Search conducts searches intelligently. Rather than just verifying the presence of keywords, it analyzes each page individually, assessing its relevance based on the specified keywords. This process is akin to how a human would review documents. For instance, a human would pay more attention to a page if its title contains the keywords. PDF Search integrates all these types of assessments into an innovative artificial intelligence algorithm. Using this approach, it swiftly identifies the most pertinent pages among thousands of documents.

Instant Show

No wait to see related page

Page Rank

Calculates relevancy rank for each pages

Keyword Distance

Distance between keywords impacts relevancy

Keyword Density

Density on page impacts relevancy


Titles, font size/weight (etc.) impact relevancy

Fast Navigation

Navigate instantly between resulting pages in different documents

Use Cases

It's your best assistant

Whether you're an analyst, researcher, academic, developer, teacher, student, or anyone dealing with a large volume of documents in your workflow, this app is set to transform the way you work.

This tool will enhance your productivity in ways you may not have anticipated.

Be more efficient in meetings.

Detect problems quicker.

Shorten your researches.

Concentrate better in classes.

User Reviews

What did they say about PDF Search?

Below you can find some of the user reviews on app stores.

Makes searching for a needle in a haystack ridiculously easy. Powerful and intuitive program.

by Kfitz84 – Apr 20, 2020

Saves a LOT of time finding things.

by Fridice – Jul 6, 2019

Best searching tool for large PDF files

by LPM13 – May 12, 2018

This is a wonderfully unobrusive and useful app.

by attima – Feb 9, 2018

I had yearned for a way to search for contents in multiple PDF files, all at the same time, in the palm of my hands. I found this app, bought it, and well, without no doubt - This app just NAILS IT!

by 이라닉 – Jan 13, 2019

Perfect! Very Nice app! Especialy the search result export function recently added!

by Olav Asteson – Jan 11, 2019

Wonderful for book copyeditors. I haven't seen another iOS app that will search multiple Word files at once and show you full results, but this app does.

by kplaz – Dec 15, 2018

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Available for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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